Giovanni Summers Fucks Brian

Today we get the treat of watching as Giovanni Summers rocks his boy Brian’s world.  No question that today Giovanni is in a giving mood, as he not only gives Brian great blowjob, he also plows his tight ass.   This set is featured in FreshmanX and shows these two gay guys getting absolutely down and dirty, and up close and personal.   Brian gets his ass tore up by the end of it.

Brian Kissing Giovanni Summers

Hot boys Brian and Giovanni Summers are locked in a deep kiss as their cocks start to grown in their pants.

Giovanni Summers Sucks Cock

Brian is flat on his back and his erect penis is firmly planted inside Giovanni’s mouth.  Work that pole!

Giovanni Summers Pounds Brian

Pucker up Brian, there is a freight train coming your way, and its owner is Giovanni Summers.   No worries though as Brian is loving getting his ass fucked by his friend, and he eagerly keeps backing his ass up into Giovanni, harder and harder.  These two guys, really get at it in this hardcore anal set.

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Giovanni Summers For Less

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Giovanni Summers Sucks Brooklyn’s Cock

Who wants to see Giovanni Summers give a blowjob to his friend Brooklyn Ray?   I know I do, so we are going to do it anyway.   In this video, the boys are both hooking up for a nooner at a local hotel and Giovanni already has Brooklyn’s cock in his mouth and loving every second of it.   This not only a blowjob video though, as these two gay boys end the video at Boyfun with some anal sex.   Brooklyn Ray takes his top position and pounds away at Giovanni Summers ass.

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Giovanni Summers Ass Fucked

Giovanni Summers wanted his ass fucked, and who were we to argue with him?  This bottom boy has a sex drive that is insane, and he must be fucked or masturbate daily at least.   Today we get to watch as his friend and fellow gay porn actor Brooklyn Ray meets up with him in a hotel for a little mid-afternoon fuck session.    Thanks to BFCollection for organizing these two studs to meet up for some fuck time.

Giovanni Summers Unzips Brooklyn's Jeans

Giovanni Summers is unzipping the jeans on Brooklyn Ray’s body, but Brooklyn is focused on the bulging package in Giovanni’s jeans.

Giovanni Summers Licks Nipples

Giovanni is now sucking on Brooklyn’s pierced nipples and he loves the feeling of the nipple ring on his tongue.

Giovanni Summers Ass Fucked

It’s time for fucking, and Giovanni’s ass is about to get the full impact of Brooklyn’s cock.   With his hands up against the headboard, Giovanni Summers braces for the impact that is about to happen, and then it happens and a ripple of pleasure shoots through his body.

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Brooklyn Ray Blows Giovanni Summers

Today we are in for a good treat as two sexy gay porn guys Brooklyn Ray & Giovanni Summers suck and fuck each other.   What you will get today is a fantastic photo set where these two horny boys get right at each other.  Brooklyn can’t get enough of Giovanni, and he especially enjoys blowing his hard cock.   Something about this New York Italian really gets Brooklyn’s juices flowing, and by the end of the Boyfun set, these boys have both blown their loads.

Shirtless Brooklyn & Giovanni

Giovanni Summers is almost done removing his t-shirt as he goes in for a kiss on Brooklyn’s lips.

Brooklyn Unzips Giovanni's Jeans

Brooklyn Ray hits his knees as he proceeds to unbutton Giovanni’s blue jeans.  The treasure he seeks is so close now.

Brooklyn Ray Blows Giovanni Summers

His lips wrapped around Giovanni’s pole, Brooklyn Ray is nearing ecstasy.   Brooklyn definitely knows his way around giving great head and Giovanni Summers nearly busted his nut right then an there.   Having to use his excellent cum control, Giovanni holds on long enough for his ass to get penetrated.

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Giovanni Rubs Cock In His Briefs

In this flash video of gay pornstar Giovanni Summers, we get some great close-up shots of his growing hard cock, as he continues to rub and squeeze his dick through his cotton briefs.   His cock is getting firmer and starts popping out the side of his underwear, and its clear by the color on his penis head, that Giovanni is getting extremely turned on.   As the video from Boyfun Collection continues, Giovanni Summers jerks off and lets his penis ejaculate a mighty stream of jizz.

Continue along with the masturbation video as Giovanni really starts to jerk off for you.

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Giovanni Fucked By Sales Rep Justin

Giovanni Summers rings the bell to get service, and customer service rep Justin shows up to offer him help.  The chemistry between these two was high and it took no more than a few minutes before they were ready to jump each others bones.   They start off kissing but before long the action inside BFCollection increases at a rapid rate.  Yep Justin fucks the shit out of Giovanni’s ass.   He really gets at it.

Giovanni Summers Kisses Justin

Giovanni Summers and Justin start making out, and both boys can’t keep their hands of each others junk.

Giovanni Licks Justin's Abs

Justin lifts up his shirt and we see his hairy tummy, which Giovanni proceeds to lick up and down.  He is really turned on now.

Justin Fucks Giovanni Summers

Justin bends Giovanni Summers over the bed and sticks his dick deep into his asshole.  Giovanni is very pleased by the service this sales rep is giving to him.  He may even fill out a comment card for Justin’s manager describing how excellent the service was.   Giovanni got his ass fucked real good.

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Giovanni Strips Down In Ball Cap

This beautiful boy is from NYC and he looks absolutely adorable in his ball cap.  Giovanni Summers is here to strip and then masturbate for you and at the end of the set he blows a massive cumshot all over his hips and cock.  Giovanni shot a lot of videos and photos for Boyfun Collection, which is fantastic as this bottom boy is sexy and really packs a punch when he cums.

Giovanni Summers

Giovanni Summers is wearing a Boston Red Sox ball cap which should be almost sacrilege for a NYC boy!

Shirtless Giovanni Summers

Giovanni has removed his t-shirt and his smooth chest is looking mighty fine.   Ready to get the party started, Giovanni unbuttons his jeans.

Giovanni Summers Abs

Giovanni Summers has his jeans off and now is starting to paw at his cock.  Those are super cute briefs.   By the end of the set, the cock is out and Giovanni is really stroking his cock hardcore.   And by the time he busts his nut, the backed up cum was ready to fly.

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Bottom Boy Giovanni Summers Jerks Off

Another fantastic video of bottom boy Giovanni Summers jerking his gorgeous dick off.   This New Yorker is super horny all the time, and if he can’t find a guy to come fuck him, then he must masturbate daily, at least once.   I love his raw sexuality, and especially watching his fuck sessions.    I could watch him jerk off for hours.

Even better view of his masturbation is the view from below.  A great shot of his shaft and balls. Giovanni is definitely turned on and totally focused on the mission at hand:  busting a nut.

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New York Boy Giovanni Strokes His Cock

Originally from New York, Giovanni Summers has exploded on to the gay porn world, and with a rocking body and hard cock like has, its easy to see why.   Giovanni is mostly a bottom and he has an ass that just won’t quit.   He now lives in Chicago, so all you mid-west boys should be on the lookout for him.   In this set from Boyfun Collection, Giovanni Summers is laying on his bed, stroking his cock and enjoying the feel of his pre-cum on his fingertips.

Giovanni Summers Abs

Oh my god, those abs are truly amazing.   Rock hard, and chiseled down to his pelvic region.  I’d use them as a target for my cumshot.

Giovanni Summers In Underwear

What cute briefs on Giovanni.   Though I’d prefer to see the beautiful hard dick laying underneath!

Giovanni Summers Strokes Cock

Giovanni pulls the front of his briefs down and begins stroking his hard cock in his right hand.   Laying flat on his back, this gay star really went to town on his dick before blowing his load all over his ripped abs.

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