Giovanni Fucked By Sales Rep Justin

Giovanni Summers rings the bell to get service, and customer service rep Justin shows up to offer him help.  The chemistry between these two was high and it took no more than a few minutes before they were ready to jump each others bones.   They start off kissing but before long the action inside BFCollection increases at a rapid rate.  Yep Justin fucks the shit out of Giovanni’s ass.   He really gets at it.

Giovanni Summers Kisses Justin

Giovanni Summers and Justin start making out, and both boys can’t keep their hands of each others junk.

Giovanni Licks Justin's Abs

Justin lifts up his shirt and we see his hairy tummy, which Giovanni proceeds to lick up and down.  He is really turned on now.

Justin Fucks Giovanni Summers

Justin bends Giovanni Summers over the bed and sticks his dick deep into his asshole.  Giovanni is very pleased by the service this sales rep is giving to him.  He may even fill out a comment card for Justin’s manager describing how excellent the service was.   Giovanni got his ass fucked real good.

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