Giovanni Having Fun With Brooklyn Ray

The boys had so much the first time, they asked to come back for round 2.   Giovanni Summers said that Brooklyn Ray’s cock fit so great inside his ass, that he just needed to get fucked again by him.  And really who is Boyfun to argue with the request of these two gay pornstars.    Before the sex starts, Brooklyn runs his tongue around Giovanni’s nipples.

Giovanni & Brooklyn

Beautiful boys Brooklyn and Giovanni having some fun in their bed.   We know what these two guys have planned!

Brooklyn Licks Giovanni's Nips

Giovanni Summers has his shirt off, and Brooklyn is running his tongue around his nipples.   Giovanni seems to be enjoying it a lot.

Giovanni Summers Licks Nipples

Brooklyn Ray is now in just his boxers, and Giovanni is returning the favor by licking his pierced nipples.   They are just starting their foreplay, but it doesn’t last long before the boys are blowing each other off.   Once hard, Brooklyn takes control of the situation and pushed Giovanni Summers onto the bed and attacks that ass.

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