Giovanni & Rex Anal Sex

We move to the leather couch where we find Giovanni Summers and his friend Rex, both eager to fuck for you on camera.  Don’t let these gay boys fool you though, they are really in this for their own pleasure.  When you got a sex drive as high as these guys, you do whatever you can to make your life revolve around sex.   Today Giovanni gets the pleasure of owning Rex’s tight ass in this Freshman X set.

Giovanni Summers & Rex

Both guys are wearing blue jeans as they sit on the couch, but the jeans won’t last that long.   We want them naked, now!

Naked boys kissing

Rex takes up a spot behind Giovanni as both naked boys share a kiss.  You can see that Giovanni Summers is fully turned on.

Giovanni Summers Pounds Rex

Rex and his bearded face is flat on his back on the leather sofa with his legs in the air to give easy access to Giovanni’s hard cock.   Giovanni really tears into that ass and wrecks it really good.   These guys fuck in many positions before they both stroke each other off so the blow their loads.

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